Daikin HVAC Systems in Raleigh NC

Daikin is a multi-award-winning Japanese manufacturer of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units.

Operating across the US, Asia, Australia, and Europe, the company is closing in on its 100th anniversary. Daikin is regarded among the most long-standing and most innovative AC makers in the world. For many, that reputation is reason enough to purchase!

The purpose of this article is to help you make an educated decision when purchasing a DAIKIN HVAC system – we’ll touch on the most notable benefits of upgrading to a DAIKIN-made air conditioner, and why the firm kept its position as a global leader for nearly a century.

If you’ve bought a DAIKIN HVAC, you can book North Carolina Heating & Cooling technicians to install it; NCHC’s team of professional technicians is well-versed in DAIKIN technologies and will install and maintain your system affordably and dependably.

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Daikin HVACs Use Advanced Eco-Friendly Technologies

Daikin is counted among the most ethical AC manufacturers that are cognizant of their environment and are on a mission to reduce the carbon footprint of HVAC units they produce.

One of the most brilliant technological breakthroughs Daikin pioneered was the invention of the Permanent Magnet Motor, which is featured on nearly all of their newer models. These motors consume far less power while being equally (if not superiorly) efficient in comparison to motors supplied to contemporary HVAC models.

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Superb Air Purification

Instead of just circulating, warming, or cooling the air, DAIKIN’s HVACs will also automatically purify it, removing allergens, odors, and harmful bacteria as soon as the system is powered. Being equipped with strong engines, DAIKIN HVAC units are also capable of removing stale air within minutes.

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Exemplary SEER Rating

The SEER rating was defined by Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute and is a global standard for determining the energy efficiency of HVAC systems. In simple terms, SEER Rating is the dividend while your annual electricity consumption is the quotient.

While some of the top-rated ACs have scored 21 SEER, Daikin’s DX20VC eclipsed their performance with 24.5. Upgrading to a Daikin HVAC effectively means saving a huge chunk of money spent on seasonal electricity bills.

If you’re considering a Daikin system for your Raleigh home or office, contact NCHC for more information. We’ll set up a free consultation and help determine if Daikin is the right HVAC brand for you.