Goodman HVAC Systems in Raleigh, NC

Goodman is a well-established US company, operating within the HVAC industry for almost half a century.

Their products deliver a top-notch mixture of quality, value for money, and ease of use. If you are considering Goodman HVACs, North Carolina Heating & Cooling would like to highlight the following three benefits. Let’s dive right in!

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Great Value for Money

Goodman HVACs are usually on the budget-friendly spectrum. And for their listed price tags, these products deliver top bang for the buck.

The company’s 16 and 18 SEER models are Energy Star rated, which means more savings for you. Furthermore, the company’s central AC units utilize R-410A refrigerant, which is considered less environmentally harmful than the older refrigerants. For a budget item, that’s a significant plus, and one that HVAC technicians agree is important due to available refrigerant supply. Some companies do offer better energy efficiency, but when the price tag is factored in, Goodman delivers the goods, and then some.

NCHC HVAC Installation Services

Top-Notch Warranty

Goodman products are backed by a 10-year limited parts warranty, plus a two- or 10-year warranty on the unit replacement. Many higher-end companies boast roughly the same; hence it’s fantastic to see Goodman offer it. Extended warranties are oftentimes crucial when making a decision on which HVAC brand fits your needs.

NCHC HVAC Installation Services

Easy to Find Replacement Parts in the US

Goodman is a domestic, US-based company. Furthermore, their products are simple and just work; they pride themselves on reliability and utilizing only the basic components required to make a solid HVAC system function.

This approach made Goodman products easy to maintain. Just make sure to contact a NCHC tech for regular maintenance, and these machines will serve you well for at least a decade. It’s not uncommon to see Goodman systems lasting 15 years or more.

Much like the main products, Goodman components and spare parts are accessible and easy to find. Care must be taken not to work with any technical components without first consulting a licensed HVAC professional. DIY can lead to voiding your warranty or, worse, damaging your system. As long as you have professionals handling your Goodman maintenance, you’re in for a smooth ride.