Lennox HVAC Systems in Raleigh, NC

Founded in Marshalltown, Iowa, Lennox has delivered top-tier HVAC systems and refrigerators for over 125 years.

With a vast host of top-quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units, the brand ensured every budget could afford one of its acclaimed products.

Today, we’ll talk you through the principal elements of a Lennox HVAC unit and the main reasons why you, like thousands of satisfied buyers, may want to consider purchasing one.

Lennox had received dozens of accolades, including The Circle of Excellence Award, Centurion Award, Training Excellence Award, Healthy Climate Sales award, and more. According to US News, the brand’s Forbes Advisor Rating is 4.1 while being ranked at number 4 of the Best HVAC Companies in 2022. If you decide to purchase a Lennox HVAC, North Carolina Heating & Cooling professionals are waiting for your phone call to install your new system in your home.

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Lennox HVAC Units Boast a High SEER Rating

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, is the rating used to describe the energy-friendliness of an HVAC unit. The higher the rating, the lower your electricity bill will be after installing it. Lennox has been releasing HVACs with a high SEER rating consistently and is among the leading brands in this field with models that were rated as high as 21. Minimum SEER requirements differ by region. The minimum in Raleigh and the Southeast is 14.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Some HVACs gently hum while operating; others roar like an engine of an old truck. Lennox models are widely recognized as some of the quietest HVACs on the market. Rigorous tests proved that XC25, one of Lennox’s most popular HVAC units, has a sound rating of 59 decibels, which is barely louder than the noises of a quiet suburb.

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Bleeding Edge Technologies

Lennox has dominated the HVAC market for decades because it was among the first brands to adopt modern-day technologies while working on pioneering solutions on its own. One of the most impactful innovations Lennox brought to the table was the introduction of Quantum Coils – coils made of refined aluminum alloy that is nearly impervious to corrosion while weighing a fraction of traditional ones.

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