Mitsubishi HVAC Systems in Raleigh, NC

Mitsubishi is a well-known name around the globe and one of Japan’s top tech giants.

In the HVAC sector, the 2019 merger of the Ingersoll Rand and Mitsubishi resulted in Mitsubishi Electric Trane, a new entity specializing in HVAC systems on par with the latest industry standards. The company has a lot to offer, starting with a wide selection of products and high value for money, and one that we at North Carolina Heating & Cooling can highly recommend. If you are considering entrusting your climate control with a Mitsubishi HVAC, these are the key points that may help you decide.

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Quiet Operation With Enhanced Filtering, Both Beneficial to Your Health

Mitsubishi HVACs are quiet. Most models range between 20 and 45 dB, which are impressive numbers. For comparison, a library’s average noise level can be measured around 40 dB. As an added bonus, if you opt for the company’s indoor air conditioning units, they boast low-speed fans. Noise pollution can be an issue, and these machines tackle it efficiently.

When you check under the hood, you’ll notice a pair of filters in the majority of Mitsubishi HVAC systems. Enhanced filtering makes the air in your home cleaner, benefiting your health. This advanced feature is well worth the extra investment.

NCHC HVAC Installation Services

High Energy Efficiency Is Beneficial to Our Environment

Mitsubishi models utilize ductless systems that qualify for the global Energy Star certification. In plain terms, these devices require less electricity to operate than the low-efficiency models.

High energy efficiency will save you money in the long run by cutting energy costs. Needless to say, lower energy costs generally equate to a lower environmental impact.

NCHC HVAC Installation Services

Advanced Features

We won’t bug you with all the technical details, but we do have to point out that Mitsubishi HVAC systems sport top-notch advanced remote control and inverter heat pump capabilities. The controllers are simple to use and highly intuitive, yet you can truly delve into all the advanced details and adjust your air conditioning to meet your needs to a tee. Depending on your desired tech sophistication, NCHC technicians can configure a system that runs seamlessly in your smart home.

An inverter heat pump is always welcome, and Mitsubishi stands out among the few companies that offer it in their units. These pumps utilize inverters to produce the exact amount of heat required for your home or room. They are also highly reliable and operate year-round without a hitch.

If you would like to hire certified professionals to service your Mitsubishi HVAC system and you happen to be in or around Raleigh/Durham, you know where to find us.