Trane HVAC Systems in Raleigh, NC

Trane is a well-established American company specializing in HVAC systems.

They’ve been around for over a century, and the accomplishments speak for themselves. Decade after decade, Trane has stayed on top of its game, building a reputation as a highly reliable option for homeowners across the globe, and one that North Carolina Heating & Cooling is proud to install and help maintain. This guide will cover a brief rundown of the key Trane HVAC benefits. Let’s dive in!

NCHC HVAC Installation Services

Highly Reliable

Trane HVACs usually last between 15 and 20 years, which is great for a homeowner that is looking for a long-term investment. But it’s not just that they last long; these machines use premium components. With regular maintenance, chances are you will rarely have to conduct any significant repairs. We recommend regular HVAC inspections, but that’s only for preventative maintenance purposes. HVAC pros love Trane for a reason.

The initial costs with these products are on the high-end; no one denies that, but value for money is through the roof. If you want Trane HVACs to truly shine, utilize them in hot environments and tropical climates – but they’re also effective in Raleigh!

Exceptional Warranty

Trane’s variable speed compressors come with a 12-year warranty, while other parts are backed by a 10-year warranty. This company truly stands behind its products and isn’t afraid to shell out the extra warranty. Without a doubt, Trane is a reputable manufacturer, and this warranty program projects a strong image of self-confidence. We commonly hear from homeowners that long-term warranties matter in their decision-making process. Trane doesn’t disappoint here.

NCHC HVAC Installation Services

Vast Selection of Features

One of Trane products’ unique or specific features is the spine fin coil. Compared to a standard coil, it offers superior cooling capabilities. Then there’s the Climatuff compressor, popular within the industry but highly reliable. Another interesting feature is the ComfortLink II, the communication technology offering two-way communication with a smooth interface and maximum efficiency.

With unique features like this, repair costs can amount to quite high figures if regular maintenance is neglected. That’s why it’s paramount to check these machines regularly. With this one simple rule, you will reap the benefits of Trane for well over a decade.

If you are looking to install or service your Trane HVAC system in or around Raleigh/Durham, you know where to find us. Stay safe and have a good one!